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Ambre Epices Tulum will envelop you in a serene atmosphere that fosters a deep connection with nature. This luxury villa is the perfect venue for hosting retreats in Tulum, where nature is present in every corner, adding tranquility and harmony to your retreat experience.

Retreats in nature.

A location like no other in Tulum, with a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere, versatile spaces, top-notch amenities, and first-class service.

Private suites

We have 8 private suites, each with its own private bathroom, bathtub or jacuzzi, air conditioning, and everything you need to ensure your stay is comfortable at all times.

Discover the versatility of Ambre Epices.

Whether it’s a spiritual retreat, yoga, corporate, fitness, couples, or any other type, with Ambre Epices, your vision becomes a reality in an inspiring and adaptable environment.

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